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Charith Lasantha Owner
Determined problem-solver devoted to social marketing results

Charith has been an online marketing expert and online suplier for in excess of 5 years – most of these in management tasks. he's proficient at booming several positions and overseeing difficult tasks with adeptness. Charith hold a BSc, a a pair of year credential in web site managment and style, and another in arithmetical source – and these 4 essences of material sustain his well in intentional way to convey communication productively and precisely however still beware bottom-line business affairs . of knowledge keep up his well in knowing how to impart messages inspiredly and to be precise while even now minding bottom-line business consequences.

In all of Charith's previouse ranks He has systematically enlarged format concerning lead generation, trade, shopper panel and holding, newslayer contracts, connections , web site traffic, computer software package ravages arrangements and a batch of. He has with victory improvement and prescribed selling strategy, altered brands, accrued complete reach, refined product ways and find out new niche markets and strategic ventures.

More lately Charith has completed the Hubspot associate educational platform and has consumed more than year operating with the software package. If you desire somebody to accomplish your Hubspot selling robotics we have a habit to square rate trained to effort to to so!
Charith (of Likerbee Social Media) include a up to date vision of all positions of on-line selling and the way all of the things go along. i'm therefore joyful with the fresh web site each in appearance and implementation and already it's gain the sort of consideration we have a propensity to were promising for. He surely needs to check His service for human beings which maintenance is thus crucial. I totally recommend Likerbee Social Media to anyone wanting to cover social media presence and / or use on-line selling to strengthen their business.
Robin Williams, Owner, Best of Both Worlds goods & Design
I have had the joy of operate with Charith  for more than three years and am happy to recommend BuySocialLikes Social Media's services. Charith has an impeccable set of talent conform for today's marketplace. His both an skilled, skilled graphic designer and a high skilled Programming specialist.
Mark Silverman, Founder, CTMF Model Corp

Talents Win Games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships

Developers in the BuySocialLikes Social media service, meet the guys at the back of workflow , we're effortless to work with as long as you go next with all of our thoughts and never give us any brink.

Meet the World Tag Team Champions (Teammates)

Team eric

Kevin Tenorio


Kevin makes the developer system more easier with his advance skill of social media API knowledge. he is play a major part of buysociallikes orders.


Robert Cruz

Project Manager@robert_555

Robert love to handle orders and customer service in time. These things make benifits clients because of his effectiveness and ability to response in quicktime.


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BuySocialLikes is a Social Media Marketing Service. A company that provides Quality Social Media Needs, Covered the wide range of areas that most of internet Social Media presence, Is a  partner of Likerbee Social Media service, gives you best quality Social Media Needs.

We established as a company on 2016 since been number 1 social media marketing service on the internet; We have developers that a highly skilled in Areas of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Reverbnation.Instagram, Soundcloud.



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